June 25, 2019
Company News

Our recent reassessment under the Fit 4 Nuclear scheme has been passed successfully. Since our F4N journey started in 2015 we have viewed the company with a new perspective looking at our vision, values and strategy. We believe we are now not only able to meet the standards required to supply the new generation of nuclear power stations, but are also now a stronger, more efficient company.

Our internal systems, staff, capability, quality, delivery and cost efficiency have all been examined and improved as a result of the programme and we are now a better company, employer, supplier and have improved our environmental sustainability. The programme has encouraged us to continually strive for improvements in efficiency and company culture.

James Brain, Managing Director said of the achievement:

“at times the process has been hard work but the results have been well worth it and Westbury Park Engineering is now in a better company as a result of the programme”.

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